The principle of buying a replica watch

1. Never compromise. If you only want to get replica ROLEX, buy the Seiko money to buy ROLEX, even if it is old.

2. Buy for yourself rather than others. If you are looking for a watch that is long enough, someone will stand up and criticize your choice, remembering that you are buying for yourself rather than others.

3. Consider the movement. Try to buy a product with a self-made movement or a good movement, but don't buy a replica watch that you don't like because of the movement. After all, you can't wear the heart directly.

4. Consider the manufacturer. There are many brand names to choose from, but don't buy replica watches for brands.

5, you will not become a replica watch, the table will not change you. Einstein has PP, Haimingwei with orologi replica Rolex and OMEGA, but you buy PP will not make you a genius, with ROLEX, OMEGA will not improve your ability.

6, about the size of the big table is the trend, a lot to see this is also very good. Consider the size of your wrist because a large strap is not very good for looking at the small hand. If you buy a big replica watch to make sure your shirt cuffs fit him, you don't want to update your wardrobe for your watch.

7, always have a better price. You will find a lower price when you just buy a replica watch. It is a joke of life. Don't let him bother you.

8. Remember that the person who buys the replica watch will always remain objective on the replica watch he sells.

9. If the watch is broken, fix it. People will return mistakes, making up for mistakes is better than ignoring him.

10. Consider the color. All stainless steel, white gold or platinum with a bracelet can be used in any occasion. It can also be worn with a black leather strap. The 18K yellow gold plus black belt is very formal. The yellow belt is very elegant but more casual. It can be matched with brown, color and blue. The white dial is formal and easy to read. The black dial is cooler and more sporty.

11, accuracy is relative. Your automatic mechanical replica watch will not be as accurate as your quartz replica watch. But he can be accurate to 99%, and it is wonderful to be only a few seconds in a day of 80,000 seconds.

12. Cherish your replica watch. Regular maintenance, keep it clean, he will "live" longer than you want.

13. "Good replica watch is not a must. No one needs a luxurious replica watch. This is a desire. If you ask yourself, "Do I really need him?" In fact, no.

14. Never use investment as an excuse to buy a replica watch. Some tables can hold value, some don't. There are only a few special tables that can be appreciated but benefit your grandson rather than you.

15. There is no table that can satisfy you completely. There is no perfect model.

16. The more you know, the less you need. Collecting 4 special tables is much better than collecting 10 mediocre watches.

17. Only when the replica watch is a gift of special significance ceasuri replica is the lettering on it.

18, buy the replica watch you are eager to wear, not just for a certain occasion. Don't buy a formal watch for a special night. You may have a suitable watch to wear or not wear a replica watch at all.

19, wear him, if a replica watch you have not worn for 2 months, then you do not really like him, to buy the replica watch you really want to wear.

20, the limit is only a market strategy, the limit of 5,000 is not a limited amount, 2000 is not counted, the real limit is 30 or 20, or even one.

21. You don't need to prove to anyone except yourself. Some people will say, "You have spent so much money on buying a replica watch." You don't have to explain it, and they won't understand it.

22, do not see the envy of PP in other people's hands, look at your own watch and enjoy him, do not judge a person with the watch on hand, including yourself.

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