Summary of common replica watch brand features

Replica Patek Philippe 1, the blue blood aristocrat in the watch, the top of the top brands 2, Patek Philippe imprint is the highest standard in the Swiss watch industry 3, the strength of large complex technology is superior 4. The secondary market price is relatively high, which is more valuable than other brands. 5, Nautilus series is known as "Steel King", 5711 and 5712 are in short supply 6, the full moon phase 5146 cost-effective, classic dress table 7, the devil fish limited to 3000, after the completion of the production, the mold is no longer produced, it is called the collection of good

Replica Lange 1. One of the typical representatives of German watchmaking skills 2, only produce precious metal watches 3, the annual output is extremely low, only a few thousand 4, the strength of large complex technology is extremely strong 5, the movement is beautifully polished, a few brands using gold sleeves 6, the moon phase is the classic

Replica Vacheron Constantin 1, the top watch brand, the first, known as the "millennium second" 2, 250 years of history has never interrupted the production of watches 3, the brand logo is the classic "Malta Cross" 4. The number of certifications in Geneva is the highest in the world. 5, the strength of large complex technology is extremely strong, this year's Geneva exhibition launched a super complex double-sided watch with 23 functions 6, the inheritance of the series of elegant Sven, replica watches very gentlemanly style, 85180 is its classic big three needle 7, the new vertical and horizontal price is extremely high, is a strong competitor of the Royal Oak 8, has a high brand awareness in the country, is the favorite of Wang Jianlin, Zong Qinghou and other rich

Replica Breguet 1, the most important synonym of Swiss replica watches, known as "the king of the table" 2. The vast majority of replica watches produced are precious metal watches. 3. Queens such as Queen Mary, Napoleon, Churchill, etc. are all customers of Baodi 4, Si Wen replica watches are mostly, the diameter of the table is relatively small 5, 5177 is its classic big three needle, 7787 is its classic moon phase table 6, handed down series (7057, 7097, etc.) in recent years is quite recognized by the market

Replica Audemars 1. One of the few family-run brands 2. The movement used in some models is jointly developed with Jaeger-LeCoultre. At present, the main movement is the self-produced 3120. 3, Royal Oak is the representative series of the brand, from basic models to complex models 4, the offshore type is domineering and tough, the wind is hand-drawn, the choice of tough guy 5, the Royal Oak series has a lot of fake watches, need to be carefully identified 6, the Millennium series is more unpopular, but the price is very strong

Replica Blancpain 1. The oldest watch brand in the world registered in the book 2, only produce mechanical replica watches and round tables 3. The Fifty Fathoms born in 1952 are the originator of modern diving watches. 4. Acquired the famous FP movement factory, its movement (FP1185, FP1150, etc.) is the common "core" of all major brands. 5, Carrousel is a brand patented technology, and successfully developed the Carrousel three-question watch and the Caroline Tourbillon watch 6, the brand has a number of Swiss national treasure master craftsmanship, Le Brassus large complex watchmaking workshop masters gold carving, enamel, Damascus gold, gem setting, red bronze five extraordinary crafts 7, the full calendar 6654 and the new fifty-five has always been the brand's popular models, but Putin prefers the celebrity endorsements of Scuba 8, Wu Xiubo, Liang Wendao, Li Jian, etc. In recent years, the brand's domestic marketing has been very successful.

Replica Jaeger 1. The number of movements and the number of patents in the world, known as the Swiss fine watch inventor 2. The movement has been supplied to top brands such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. 3, 1548420 is its classic big three needle, 1368420 is its classic moon phase replica watches, the two cost-effective, top brands that can be bought within 50,000 4, clowns and geographers are also the favorite of many replica watches friends, high recognition 5, the brand's high-end models use precious metals, no matter the technology or polishing is far more than the low-end models, the wings are its representative 6. The old automatic gyro is just a circle of Phnom Penh. In the past two years, the new automatic gyro has been replaced by 22K all gold. 7. Strong technical research and development, the series of geophysical observatory launched in the previous year is remarkable. 8. The design is conservative, but it has changed in recent years. Some appearances have been imitated by other brands of the same group.

Replica Glashütte 1. Another representative of the German watchmaking process, and Lange also called "the German watch and the two males" 2, double gooseneck fine-tuning system is a brand feature, the movement flipped 66 and 91 have many fans 3, tens of thousands of yuan can buy a beautifully graded movement polished, with a high cost performance 4, 90 month phase is the brand's most popular replica watches, the heat and the Blancpain 6554 are comparable 5. In recent years, the speed of research and development has accelerated, and the newly launched 36 calibre can be circled.

6, the brand has a short buckle strap for Asians, many people do not know

Replica count 1. Starting with the movement, the research and development capabilities of the movement are world-class. 2, ultra-thin movement is a major feature of the brand, 1200P is one of the world's slimmest automatic movements 3, the beautiful Pearl Tuo is also a feature of the brand 4, high-end models are set with diamonds, the price is extremely high, suitable for star wear 5, the new POLO S series is novel in design and cost-effective

Replica Cartier 1. High-end replica watches and jewellery manufacturer, known as "the emperor's jeweler, the jeweler's emperor" 2, Lifeng Group's flagship brand and cash cow, design ability is extremely strong, brand recognition is extremely high 3. Designed and manufactured the world's first watch worn on the wrist - Santos replica watches 4, the blue balloon series is its classic series, many female fans 5, most models use the purchased movement, not only use ETA movement, but also use the movement of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, Girard-Perregaux 6. Although the series such as Kalebo are called self-produced movements, the basic movement is still 2892. 7, Cartier Fine Watchmaking Workshop has a strong movement research and development capabilities, so the brand's top-end models have the characteristics of art

Replica Jacques de Roque 1. One of the oldest replica watches brands in the world, Qianlong Ye was once a fan 2. It shares the FP movement with Blancpain, which is also owned by the Swatch Group. 3, the eight-character dial is its classic design, the appearance is highly recognized 4, Da Minghuo is the brand's characteristics 5, part of the replica watches price is high, but the discount is strong

Replica Parmigiani 1. A few independent replica watches brands with a full production network 2, the brand history is short, only founded in 1996 3, the movement research and development design ability is very strong, for the Chopard design pearl movement 4, Tonda big three-pin design classic, beautiful movement, suitable for entry as a purchase 5, the brand and Hermes cooperation, some models use Hermes handmade leather strap 6, part of the watch price is high, but the discount is strong

Replica Girard 1. One of the oldest watchmaking brands in the world, was selected as one of the top ten replica watches in the "Famous Forum" magazine. 2. The same as Athens, the French Kaiyun Group, the brand operation is relatively low-key, and the discount is relatively strong. 3, the movement research and development level is first-class, the whole line uses the self-produced movement, 3300 is its classic 4. The Sanjinqiao Tourbillon is the representative of the brand's fine orologi replica watchmaking skills. In 15 years, it has launched the ultra-complex three-gold bridge tourbillon three-question watch. 5, 1945 and 1966 series is the representative series of the brand, mostly using precious metal materials Athens 1. It has a long history since it was built with a nautical clock. 2. Known for the three questions of the doll, the whimsical tourbillon and the unparalleled astronomical trilogy 3. The ETA movement has been used for a long time. In 2012, the UN-118 movement was independently developed. The escapement device adopts a breakthrough patent material. 4. It is the same as Kaibai Group, which is weak in domestic marketing.

Replica Roger Dubuy 1. The brand history is short, only created in 1995. 2, the movement strength is first-class, the large complex watchmaking technology is extremely strong, the four escapement system, the full hollow tourbillon are their masterpieces. 3, most of the movements are engraved with the Geneva Seal 4, the design is novel and fashionable, the diameter of the table is larger

Replica Frank Muller 1. The brand started from an independent watchmaker and was founded in 1983. 2, the barrel type case and the exaggerated digital scale are brand features, the recognition is extremely high 3. Most watches use purchased movements, but the price is higher. 4, the secondary market often encounters the model of the rear diamond

Replica Rolex 1. The brand that sells Rolex price can't sell Rolex's output. The brand that sells Rolex's output can't sell Rolex's price, and its brand value can be seen. 2, the submariner, Di Tongna is its popular series, the green ghost, the nigga in the world is in short supply, the ceramic Ditong is difficult to find a table, the price is overpriced 3. The secondary market price is firm and the discount is small, which is the most valuable brand. 4. The enamel case is a classic Rolex design and a milestone in the history of watches. 5, accurate, stable and durable is synonymous with replica Rolex, 3135 movement is its representative 6, the world's watch brands only Rolex fully use 904L steel to manufacture steel case 7. The 3235 movement developed and produced in recent years will be gradually promoted in the next few years. 8. This year’s new 50th anniversary of the Basel exhibition will be hot. 9, there are many, many, here is no longer said Replica Zenith 1. One of the four true watch manufacturers in Switzerland, almost all use their own movement 2, the movement's research and development capabilities are first-class, to create the world's first high-frequency movement - 36,000 vibration frequency El Primero movement 3, the movement has been used outside the replica Rolex Daytona series 4. One of the three brands with the Sesame Chain Tourbillon (the other two are Lange and Breguet) 5, the basic models (670, 691, etc.) cost-effective, Dafei has been very popular in the market in recent years 6, in recent years, constantly innovating, new products, no matter the appearance or the movement can be circled

Replica Panerai 1. Premium watch brands from Italy 2, the bridge is very distinctive, the appearance is highly recognized 3, the diameter of the table is too large, basically above 44 mm 4. There are more old models and basic fake watches. The new models are mainly self-produced movements, which are difficult to imitate. 5, many girls wear, it is best to match the white Land Rover

Replica IWC 1. Although it is a Swiss brand, it was originally founded by American Jones. 2, think of the nature of the country to think of Schaffhausen 3. Most of the previous productions were male replica watches. In recent years, many neutral models have been introduced. 4, the Peleton winding system (woodpecker) and the four-digit year display perpetual calendar is the brand's unique skills 5, the most popular watch for the Feiji Little Prince and Portugal 7, the heat has been high in the forum 6, the pilot series Mark watch price is approachable, with more fans

Replica Omega 1. The main brand of Swatch Group is very successful in promotion. 2, hippocampus, constellation, super fighter, disc flying four series are very classic 3. Supermaster is the first and only time to climb the moon. 4,007, bumblebee, bright blue, dark side of the moon, etc. are all classic styles familiar to the table friends. 5, 8500 movement cost-effective, self-produced movement can be bought within 30,000 6, the disc fly X2 series is very upset, sometimes get amazing discounts 7. In recent years, the technology innovation is active, the high-tech new models are frequently 8, and the brand recognition is extremely high, which is very suitable for white-collar wear in big cities. 9. Since 1932, it has been the official timing of the Olympic Games 27 times.

Replica Breitling 1. Starting with the manufacture of aviation replica watches, one of the few independent watchmakers in Switzerland 2, the diameter of the table is too large, most of the models are above 42 mm 3, the case and the bracelet are mostly polished, it is easy to produce scratches 4. Has used the purchased movement for a long time, but the grinding of the ETA movement is very in place. 5. The Rolex R&D team was dug out for the self-produced movement design. The brand's self-produced B01 movement is equipped with the iconic guide wheel column device of the mechanical chronograph movement. Recently, it cooperated with Tudor and the two sides exchanged machines. Core use

Replica Chopard 1. Like Cartier and Earl, it is a jewelry watch brand. 2, happy diamond series is its classic women's watch, loved by women 3, L.U.C series for the brand's own production movement, Parmigiani participated in the design, the pearl is very beautiful 4. The limited edition perpetual calendar and moon phase watch launched by the brand at this year's Basel exhibition, the production is exquisite and eye-catching.

Hublot 1. Born in 1980, the same LV Group as Zenith 2, the brand features a combination of precious metals and natural rubber as a case material 3, the design is more fashionable and exaggerated, there are many short-selling models, but the domestic recognition is not high 4, the secondary market often encounters brand models that have been discontinued, the price is very low

Replica Tudor 1. Tudor belongs to Rolex Group, but the brand positioning is more close to the people. 2. The Rolex logo is the crown, and the Tudor logo is the shield. 3, Tudor's appearance design can see the Rolex's shadow, also uses the -style case, and used to use the labor 4. The brand launched in 2012, the Qicheng Biwan series fake rolex was a great success. Xiaohonghua is one of the classics. 5. The brand launched its own self-produced movement for the first time in 2015 and used it in most models of the Qiwan Biwan series. 6. Recently, we have cooperated with Breitling. The two sides have reached a movement interchange agreement. Tudor will use the Breitling self-produced column wheel timing B01 movement (replace the silicon hairspring and the non-calibre screw) and set up its own MT56 series machine. Core is handed over to Breitling 7, the brand has frequently launched new products in recent years, both in terms of price and performance are very competitive

Replica Montblanc 1. Montblanc is a German brand. The English name of the brand represents Mont Blanc. It started with the production of fountain pens. 2. After joining the Richemont Group, the company acquired a well-established Minerva movement factory, which has a self-produced movement. 3, Viller and Nicholas Caesar series are self-produced movement, Nicholas Kaiser main single-key chronograph 4, the basic models of the brand use ETA movement, the star and time walker series price is lower, have a certain market 5, a large number of new models have been introduced in recent years, but the shape design of some models can always see the shadow of Jaeger-LeCoultre 6. A new smart watch was launched last year. The design is retro, but the technology is full of sense.

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